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In 2015, my Wife and I were South Florida residents who needed an improved change of scenery and new inspirations. We had no idea where we wanted to move. All we really had was a wish-list outlining what we believed was important for our quality of life. When we began researching where to move we first made sure it had to be in a location not distressed by the drudgery of Winter and an unstable economy.

This location not only had to have a warm if not tropical climate, it had to have exponential growth in business, education, and career opportunities; a healthy robust arts, culinary, and culture scene; a balanced cost of living; year-round activities and events; progressive local municipalities and government; be environmentally friendly; and be a home to a very diverse population of people and communities.

After dissecting several cities, there it was; Orlando, Florida. Roughly 215 miles north from where we use to live. We took a shot at it. We scored. We won! Yes, It is not a utopia, but what it is it’s a special kind of wonderful, and I am taking the opportunity to share it with you! There are many reasons you may love it, too!

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