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Welcome to Love Orlando Life, a lifestyle blog promoting the people, places, and things reflecting the quality of life in The City Beautiful.

After reading this ‘About Us’ page, you will soon learn this page is actually ‘About You.’ We understand you may be curious to know more about this fantastic slice of Central Florida other than from the usual tourism sites online. Guess what? You came to the right place to feed your curiosity!

Love Orlando Life’s intentions are to create more awareness with local grassroots content for the whole world to discover. We are revealing why the Greater Orlando area is so much more wonderful than being the number one tourism destination in the United States.

We are about people’s testimonies who live here. We are about distinct places and neighborhoods throughout the region. We are about the various refreshing things stimulating our senses and feeding our enjoyment. We are about sharing all of these components of joy with you so you can learn why Orlandoans love calling The City Beautiful home. If you are not a local you may be pleasantly surprised. We ultimately wish you find your joy here, too!




The People

Beautiful people of Orlando makes The City Beautiful. Walking amongst us is experiencing a garden of humanity.

Orlandoans are a multigenerational melting pot of cultures and experiences as often found in any major metropolis in North America. What makes Orlandoans different is probably due to the spicy sub-tropical climate, the mild Southern charm, and the seasoning of global influence.  Sounds like great people to call your neighbor!

The Places

The Coolest Neighborhoods. Eclectic Districts. Historical Towns. Booming Cities. Nature Everywhere. We are the New Florida.

And The Things

Everything defining your happiness is right here every day year round. Time to check off your list.

Cities & Towns

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The Logo

The Love Orlando Life logo was designed to represent the heart and community lifestyles of the Greater Orlando area.

The Fountain is the symbol of the Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. Not only is it the major landmark within its city limits; the fountain also represents the heart of the metropolitan region. It is the iconic epicenter of social activity from the community.

The Two Ibises symbolize the people, lifestyles, and sociability of the Greater Orlando area. In natural settings, it is very rare to see an ibis alone. Ibises are most often seen together in flocks socializing, eating, and being free. A congregation of ibises can truly brighten up a scene wherever they flock whether in a tree, a lake, or at a park. Although one ibis alone is very peculiar and interesting to watch, they are a great, beautiful spectacle together just like our local Orlandoans!

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What We Are

Love Orlando Life is a lifestyle journal promoting the people, places, and things reflecting the quality of life in The City Beautiful. We are an enthusiastic blog for AnnieCanDo.com.

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