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Welcome to The City Beautiful, Florida’s fourth-largest city and number one in diversity and growth. Greater Orlando is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the United States never losing its small-town charm. If you have only been here as a tourist, you are welcomed to come back and venture Orlando like a local. You will be pleasantly surprised and gratified you did! Orlando is the home of Living Out Loud!

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Orlando, Florida is world famous as a top tourism destination drawing millions of visitors from every part of the globe, unfortunately, tourists only experience a tiny morsel of what makes The City Beautiful and its surrounding region great. Loving Orlando is to really live it like a local. It is a vibrant city with a small town charm. When the roller coasters stop, and the mouse ears come off, imagine how much more there is to experience the real world and beauty of Orlando, Florida.

We have a plethora of arts, culture, culinary delights, and entertainment. We have extensive opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and nature. We have a welcoming climate encouraging 365 days of recreation. We have a progressive academic system including the second largest university in the United States. We are a metropolis with open arms towards entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and corporate conglomerates. We are an international city of multiple diverse communities, great people, and a rising educated, talented workforce. What makes this place even sweeter is its affordable cost of living.

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Love Orlando Life is a lifestyle journal promoting the people, places, and things reflecting the quality of life in The City Beautiful. We are an enthusiastic blog for AnnieCanDo.com.

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